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Messes Make My Kitchen Cleaner

Yep, that’s right messes are now making my kitchen a cleaner place. Upon reading a blog post from the Pajama Mama, I tried using rice for sensory play time for Ladybug in our kitchen. I set out two large mixing bowls, filled one halfway with white rice, and then gave her a measuring cup to scoop it from bowl to bowl. And then she went to town on it. Scooping, mixing, letting the rice fall her fingers.

She was entertained with this activity for a good half an hour. In that time I was able to get dinner started, empty the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and then fill the dishwasher with the dishes from the sink. All the while Bumblebee was content chewing on his taggy elephant toy while chilling in his bouncer chair.

Then once she was finished up, instead of just sweeping up the rice I decided to sweep the entire kitchen. Ladybug even helped me empty the dust pan into the garbage. I had a feeling of accomplishment after all this, like maybe trying to juggle keeping up with the housework while taking care of the kiddos doesn’t have to be so stressful.



So now all I need to do is come up with ideas to occupy the kiddos while cleaning the rest of the house. Suggestions are welcome. 馃檪


A F路R路I路E路N路D路S Moment- Throwback Thursday

So, I decided to a new series of posts called “Throwback Thursdays,” like the soda only better. Ever catch yourself nostalgic for your childhood, teen years, or early adulthood? I know I have. So I thought, “Hey maybe the kiddos will get a hoot out these someday.” And also maybe some others may be able to relate.


So you all remember the show FRIENDS, right? Well lately I’ve been sing-songing to Ladybug about everyday activities to make them, in hopes, a little more fun. Well I was in the shampooing my hair I caught myself singing, “And lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat… As needed.” Yep, a Phoebe Buffay moment there. All I need is a guitar, and a coffee house, and talent.


Oh, Phoebe was my favorite. And it seriously brought on a fond chuckle for the character that I have loved since I was a preteen. Her carefree, whimsical, unknowingly naive yet humorous personality was golden.

I wish that show could have gone on forever, the fact that it ended was like a giant pigeon crapping on my heart.


Lyrics for those of you who want to reminisce with me. 馃檪
Phoebe Buffay – Shower Song Lyrics @

Or the very short YouTube video. here

Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox

As a member on Influenster, you can get randomly selected to receive free products to test out. It is a pretty cool website, actually. You can make product reviews, and see how well a product is rated by others. I had only been a member for about a month before I found a magical email in my inbox telling me I was one of selected people to receive the February Sweetheart Voxbox. How exciting! A box of free products for me to test out being shipped right to my door, with no obligation other then to try them out and see how I like them.


This first one shown was by far my favorite product. Secret’s Clinical Strength Stress Relief seriously was my ally these last couple weeks. Ladybug had the stomach flu, need I say more? There was lots of stress, not a true moment to myself while caring for my sick kiddo plus my healthy three month old. I wasn’t able to get a shower in during those two days of pure parental craziness, but this product held up amazingly through it all. The only suggestion I would make would be to work on the consistency a bit. It has a different texture to what I usually would use.


Next up is the Olay Fresh Effects kit. This was a very close second in the race for being my favorite product from the Sweetheart Voxbox. You apply a little water to the bristles, then a dab of cleanser, splash your face with water, and then gently exfoliate your face for about minute. My face felt wonderful after using this product. I would definitely recommend it to a friend.


This was a tough product for me to try, because ordinarily I would try to tame my beast of a mane by wrangling it into a ponytail, or a sloppy bun… But, Not Your Mothers She’s a Tease hairspray worked well to hold my hair in place, and for that first day I actually embraced my naturally big hair. This product might actually make feel a little more confident a little more confident about my hair, I’ve had issues with it for since middle school.


Last in the pack was a Skinny Girl On the Go Bar. It tasted good, and would be good for when I actually am “on the go.” But that’s the only time I would really eat this product. It really is a not a filling snack, but if you can compliment with some fruit or veggies it would work well for an inbetween meal snack.

So that is my review of the 2013 Influenster Sweetheart Voxbox. I am so grateful that I had the chance to try out some new products, it was pretty fun.


That’s what I feel this week and last week. Overwhelmed. Little ladybug had the stomach flu last week and had to get vaccinations this week. Bumblebee had three vaccinations as well.

It has gotten so Ladybug has taken to blankie and stuffed animal hoarding. Every morning, and I’m not exaggerating, I have to wrap up 10 stuffed animals in four blankets and bring them downstairs so they can chill on our couch while we go about our day. And then as our day comes to a close I am then demanded to lug these all upstairs, so they can all snuggle her. I feel bad for the little kiddo feeling so yucky this last week and a half, and I’m honestly glad that something I could provide her with some comfort.

Bumblebee took his shots like a champ, but our usually calm little one finally found his voice that night before bedtime. He screamed for an hour and a half, and while attempting to comfort him I realized just how spoiled I’ve been with the little man. I was taken back to Ladybug’s newborn days, and remembered nights very much like this. It’s times like this that I can appreciate how different my children are, that and also what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I really don’t mean to whine, I am just so exhausted after these last couple weeks.

We have a play date set up for today since the kiddos are feeling better. It’s at a gymnastics studio for free play. If it goes well we might just have to sign up Ladybug for their toddler program, just for fun of course.

***Disclaimer: For the record, I never recommend any other parent to have both kids get shots at the same time.Never, never, never. Unless of course you are glutton for punishment, like me. 馃檪

Look What I Can Do: Sew a Baby Wrap

I have really wanted to get into babywearing, specifically I wanted to get into babywearing with a wrap. This can be quite expensive and with two kiddos, I wanted to save some money. So I looked into diy projects. I found some tutorials on Pinterest and while googling. This one is the one I settled on for my 100% cotton wrap. And this one is what I followed for my no-sew cotton jersey one. The cotton jersey is stretchy, similar to a Moby wrap.

First step was getting the fabric, fun! This is my first sewing project, so I teamed up with my mother in law. She does a lot sewing projects and she was awesome enough to help a beginner out. The trick with the 100% cotton fabric is that it can’t have a “bad” side.


For the cotton jersey I selected a light gray, because I have a lot of dark colored shirts and thought the lightness might go better. I purchased both at Joann Fabrics and ended up getting to use coupons for both. Score! Double savings! I got five yards of each.

We then went back to my in-laws’ house to get started. First step was to measure the desired width of the cotton jersey. We chose 30 inches. I wanted mine on the wider side so we literally folded it in half width wise and cut along the fold. Boom, done. And I now had one wrap for myself and one for a friend. I would recommend having someone there to help feed the fabric as you are cutting along, because five yards is a lot. With my coupon I got a stretchy wrap for a quarter of the price of retail value.


Next up we have the 100% cotton wrap. For this wrap we basically just have to measure the width, cut, and hem it. For the width on this one I wanted to go with a solid 28 inches, so we measured out about 31 inches. Time to hem now. The link I provided above describes it the best, we took a quarter inch and folded it and then folded that in on itself and then sewed it along the whole outside of the fabric. And that is all.


Charlie really likes the 100% cotton one, he fell asleep while I was wrapping him. I am in love with it as well because it is lightweight and seems to help my back.

So there you have it, two easy wraps accomplished in one day. If I can do it, you can too. *Please make sure to double check you are wrapped properly with baby, it is always a good idea to do a safety check and follow the instructions for proper carrying. Here is a website with tutorials for different wrap positions.

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