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Make It Happen May

Here is where I am at, I am a twenty four year old mom who has recently lost some weight. I am feeling better about myself then I have ever, and I still have quite a ways to go before I will be at to get to my ideal weight. I only gained 12 pounds with Bumblebee in pregnancy. Since giving birth I lost that weight, plus 34 pounds. A lot of that loss has to do with diet change and getting out of the house as much as possible.

My diet is not perfect, but I no longer crave a lot of fake foods. You know the type; ultra processed,no nutritious value, calorie filled crap. Again, I’m far from perfect in my eating but cutting back the junk has seriously helped. I can’t even really take credit for this change of heart, because Bumblebee led the way. I was so nauseous during my pregnancy with all types of greasy foods, plus most meats that I have lost a taste for it. That is all well, but because life is busy sometimes I don’t eat breakfast until 11am, and then snack snack snack until 3pm because I’m starving and then I’m not hungry for dinner until 7pm. Sigh. It’s a vicious cycle that has left me stalling in my weight loss. Also, I am exhausted so I’m usually on coffee cup number three or four by 5pm, with out nearly enough water to balance it out.

So for May, I’m making a pledge to make time to take better care of myself. I’m trying so hard to rock this motherhood thing that I’m kind lagging behind in the me department. I am burning myself out, by not taking care of myself.

So this is what IS happening starting May 1st.

  • Progressive Squat Challenge
  • Eat breakfast by 8:00am
  • All meals prepared at home
  • Two cheat meals out, but can only be Subway (At husband’s request)
  • Just brewed coffee from home, no Starbucks
  • Get my drink on, water style

These are all doable things, and I am making a pledge to myself to get my butt in gear.


New Look

Just updated the blogs look, and I’m liking what I see. I feel it is much easier to read, and more appealing to the eye. They last couple weeks have been draining for me so I haven’t been able to be committed to blogging. I’ve started and stopped about 10 posts because, I just couldn’t muster the energy to put forth the effort. Just feeling so blah, blah, blah because the kiddos have been sleep fighting and we have had some pretty busy days. I am a zombie, sleep walking my days away. I’ve been behind on all of my social networks, even responding to texts has been a hassle. I feel bad, but I barely feel like I have enough energy to keep up with the kiddos with eyes open.

Bumblebee is at least done with the whole waking up every hour and a half this week, and is actually sleeping in his co-sleeper again. That is nice, like really nice… because I feel like he sleeps way better that way. I’m glad he is finally getting to a point that his sleep is starting to become more consistent, and yet somewhat saddening. He is our last baby so with every milestone I get a pang of sadness knowing that these will be my last times dealing with these accomplishments. It feels rushed and it does not help that I am going to be packing up his 3-6 month clothes this weekend, because at four and half months he has already outgrown them.


Alas, such is the life of a mother. We get so excited for them to start growing up, and then hold dearly to these moments/memories as time carries us along.

Oh, Bunny Ears.


Yesterday, I thought the bunny ears were adorable. Yesterday, Ladybug wore them the entire afternoon. Even during naptime. She thought they were the coolest thing ever, they made her so happy. Yesterday, I liked the bunny ears. Today, they can take a nose dive off a freaking cliff.


Ladybug is hysterical, screaming her head off all morning because they fall of easy and she will not let me use a hair clip to hold them up. They fall off, then a piercing cry of, “Buuuuuuuuunny! Bunny-eee-eee-eee!” So, every one to five minutes she is flipping out because it fell of her head, or ripping the hair clips off of them causing the ears to fall yet again.

I will be finding a nice cozy spot to hide these cute little ears during naptime today because, I swear they have lost all appeal for the present.

Library Love

I’ve started to take the kiddos to the library from 11pm-12pm on Fridays for the Toddler Play & Learn. It has been a hit so far with Ladybug;
getting her out of her shell, so to speak. It is 45 minutes of playtime, a quick clean up, and then the remainder of the time is spent singing songs on the circle rug. Ladybug isn’t big on singing with the group, but loves all of the creative play with others.


Getting crafty with Dino stamps.


Just riding the bus.


She will do a lot of independent play, but has been really good about sharing with others. With her I just ask her she’d like to share, and she will hand out some toys. I get all swelled up with pride at how considerate she is of the other kids. I can tell she has a big heart for the needs of others already, and it is awesome to see this part of her shine. If I can instill anything in my children, it would be compassion for others.

Alrighty, enough bragging about my super awesome kiddo for one day, ’til next time.

Diary of a Paranoid Mother- Take One

Kids are teaming up against me, they weakened me with depriving my sleep. Also, the cats have allied themselves with them by hairballing on my blanket at 5:00am this morning. The plot thickens. What shenanigans could they get themselves into today? I confess fear.

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