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Feeling A Bit Glass Half Empty

Life in our house is more often than not filled with joy. I take immense pride in each of my kids accomplishments from day to day. I live for the joy, and the giggles and the cuddles. And here is where the but comes in. But it just seems like our family being hit with one stress after another this year. There’s no huge crisis in our family, but it just seems to be a concentrated dose of one thing after another.

Right now it’s both kids are teething, and both have colds, and I feel like I will never sleep longer than a three hour stretch. James isn’t getting very much sleep either. I have friends and family telling me it just gets worse, and I’m just over here thinking,”Why the heck are you telling me this?” I need a shred of hope that I will get a good night of sleep again. That I will be able to get caught up on laundry. That I will be able to read a paperback book.

I know, I know. Whine, whine, whine. I apologize for all of the woe is me, woe is me. However this is weighing heavily on my shoulders right now, at the end of the day I just feel spent. I try to stay on the gentle parenting/attachment parenting side of the fence but I’m feeling the bits of patience I have washed away with each days new exhaustion. I’ve raised my voice more than I’d like to admit the last couple weeks. I apologized for it and we’ve hugged out a lot of tantrums. I’m just going to have to try harder to keep it cool in the face of a screaming toddler.

How do you keep your stress low when life throws you curve balls?


Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Ladybug loves fish, and like a lot of kiddos she loves the movie “Finding Nemo.” She loooooves, Nemo. She has a Nemo blanket, stuffed animal, and other small Nemo things. So, it was only natural of course to buy her a fish of her own.

We’ve owned fish before and know just how easy it is to kill a tank accidentally. We knew we would have to get something with simple upkeep, and decided on a betta fish. Plus cheap, bettas are cheap. We’re trying to save on money right now, so this fish idea was not some expensive whim. Just something to bring joy to Miss Ladybug, and granted that I don’t accidentally kill the fish off, Bumblebee will get to enjoy him too.

We loaded the kiddos up and made a trip to Petsmart. Whenever we go to Petsmart we like to take Emma around to all the animals to let her watch them. She was fascinated by the birds in their display. Um, and then I wanted birds because these finches were cuddling four together in their little nests. So freaking cute. Alas, I returned to the task of finding a fish with James.



Finally get to the betta section and proceed to display different fish to the little lady. We ended up getting the first one we showed her because that is how she rolls, plus he is a stunning blue, green, and red make. Pick out a ten dollar tank (score!) that accentuates his coloring (double score!) and it included a pack of food and water conditioner (triple score!) Not too shabby for only having to spend $15 on a new pet. Plus he’s low maintenance as well.


Daddy suggested a couple of names, and Ladybug happily named our fishy Bubbles. He’s been part of the family for almost a week, and Ladybug loves pulling up a chair to watch as I feed him. She also blows kisses at him throughout the day. 


Does your toddler/child have their own pet? How do you involve your child in the care of family pets?

A Poem, To Laugh It Off Of Course :/

Two teeth, two teeth;

I see you,

Two teeth, two teeth;

Two by two.


Two for the Brother,

Two for the ‘Sis,

Check my pants,

And you’ll find piss.


Two teeth, Two teeth;

You’re no fun,

Two teeth, Two teeth;

Mama’s done!


Yes that is right both children are cutting two teeth each, and I am a tired mom for it. I feel considerably dumber the last week and a half, like the lack of sleep has sucked the brains right out of me. Lots of snuggles in our house lately, but that’s alright because this mama loves snuggles. We’ll get through this, I’m just tired and cranky and just need a rest.

Bring on the whine… er wine that is.


Dolly Parton Knew I Needed This Book

Dolly Parton must be psychic, because how else would she know to send me this book for Ladybug this week. She has teamed with our local library to give a free book a month to whoever signs up for her program until their fifth birthday, and when this gem came I knew at first sight that it would be so helpful to little Ladybug. Linky here to see if you’re eligible for this program.


This book cleverly portrays the breakdown of an upset toddler’s day… well at least my toddler this past week.


We didn't want to hold mom's hand or be carried on the sidewalk free road, so we just collapsed for five minutes.

We have had a strong case of the “sadsies”, because two jerk molars have decided to make their rude appearance in my kiddos mouth. We went to gymnastics last Thursday and halfway through Ladybug is begging me to leave. Screeching everything, each want, and need while I’m in the two second process of giving said toy/food item/drink/movie/blanket/etc./etc./etc. All. Day. Long. And I’m just over here thinking,”Is it bedtime yet?”

And then alas it’s bedtime. Insert sigh of relief here. I start brushing her teeth and then she throws her head back in protest and I see the wretched tooth. And then I busted out some pain reliever and the rest of the night went smooth.

We’ve had some rough moments this last week but I think it’s getting better. Reading this book to her has been a help for her to emotionally process what is going on a bit better, I think at least. Plus I feel the stress easing away from myself as I get into character while reading.

Fleeting Moments

James and I have come to the conclusion that we have the perfect for us size family. We decided this mere weeks after I found out I was pregnant with Bumblebee. James has had a vasectomy since his birth, and there are no regrets. But there is weight from this decision, it weighs heavy on my heart that these newborn/ first year moments will not being happening again for me. I’m happy with our decision, but I just wish I could push the pause button on life and be able to savor each moment fully. Because it is an amazing thing being able to watch your children blossom into little people and eventually adults. Like Ladybug being able to repeat any word said to her back and to learn the meaning behind it, or Bumblebee outgrowing the the bouncy chair and moving on to the jumperoo.

I love to cuddle my children, and I’ve loved that Bumblebee and I have co-bedded basically since birth. This last week though, has been admittedly rough in the sleep department. I chalked it up to being related to Bumblebee getting his vaccinations last Monday, but then Saturday was the absolute worst. Wake-ups every half an hour. So Sunday I asked James to bring the pack and play into the bedroom to see if he would sleep better that way… yep. He woke up every 4-5 hours instead of his normal 2-3 hours.

It honestly made me question my judgement for the last five months. Have I been holding him back by keeping him in bed with me? After a day of considering it, I have come to a conclusion. No, I was not holding him back. We did what worked for us until it didn’t work anymore and then found what works for us now. Down the road we will probably have to reassess and then find another solution. And that’s OK, because what I’ve learned is parenting for us is about being flexible and finding workable solutions.

I will miss my night time baby snuggles for sure, but I am glad that he is starting to sleep a bit better as well.

My Mother’s Day Note

Mother’s Day since becoming a mother is one of my most favorite days. It is not for the gifts, or cards, or kid made crafts that make it my favorite. Honestly, it is because I love being a mother. I am not perfect, by any means at all. But I love that I am the mother to my kiddos and together with James we are this awesome little unit called a family. You three complete me, through the joys and stresses that life brings I am lucky that I get to be your mother/wife. My heart is full today.

Day 1 Squat Challenge

50 squats are not so bad. I started to really feel the burn around 35, but then powered through. Kiddos were great through it. Ladybug watched “Super, Why” and Bumblebee played in his bouncy seat.

My biggest concern at this point is being able to keep count when I get up to the higher number of squats, what with all of the craziness that can ensue.

55 tomorrow!

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