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Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month!


Breastfeeding Bumblebee has come much more naturally than it did with Ladybug. I lasted about five months with Ladybug, and then I needed to stop because I was overwhelmed with stress being new to motherhood, and babysitting two kids five days a week 11 hours a day. Something had to change, so I dropped breastfeeding to have a little more control in my life. I felt better overall, but had tons of guilt for not making a full year.

With Ladybug, I was very much under the illusion that every aspect of my parenting style was under constant scrutiny. Hey, I mean it really could have been but I think I started to feel judged over everything by everyone. I recall a specific instance where James and I were out with another couple and their bottle fed infant. We were sitting at a bench, I put on my cover when the mother exclaimed that, “Breastfeeding, is just so… unnatural.” Ummm, what? She then went on to bash on breastfeeding for a five minute rant. Ummm, ok… cool story bro. I felt like I was being shamed for feeding my child. Not for soda, or junkfood but for breast milk.

So mom’s out there, can we all do each other a favor and make the choice to stop shaming each other for how we feed our infants or toddlers? Breast milk is awesome, but it isn’t holy water. Formula is not poison either, dudes. Building a mother up, and being supportive is what is best in this situation for mom and baby. Let us stop the judgement of making a different choice than you would make. Unicorns and rainbows for all.

I was reading up on extended breastfeeding a couple of weeks ago, and read that only about 1% of moms continue breastfeeding past six months. Wow, first thought was that I can’t believe Bumblebee and I have made it to that and beyond. Second thought, I can now let go of the guilt of not making it that far with Ladybug.  99% of other moms found it hard or had other reasons to choose formula. Either way I’m finding I’m feeling so much less alone, singled out… Either that or I just don’t care anymore what others think about how I choose to feed my children anymore.

Do you have any breastfeeding stories that helped you choose to continue on despite others? Feel free share your successes and struggles with breastfeeding. The more we talk about it the less taboo it is. Then maybe we can change the world a little by making breastfeeding comfortable conversation for all.


Busy Little Bees

Life has been busy in our house the last several weeks, it has literally been one thing after another both good and bad. I got an infection because of one my wisdom teeth one week, and then had them taken out the next. I had the laughing gas which nearly gave me a panic attack because I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I had a few moments there where I was irrationally afraid I was going to die because of how it made me feel. Thank goodness I had an attentive oral surgeon because after that they upped my oxygen flow and then I was able to relax… Well as much as possible at least. I didn’t like it one bit, but then again who does like having their teeth pried from their mouth? The recovery was as expected, I was lucky to have family come over to help with the kiddos so I could just rest for a for a couple hours each evening.

And then it was time for James’ vasectomy. Charlie slept soundly in his carseat while I held James’ hand during the procedure. We made small talk, and before you knew it the doctor was finished. I went and got the car as James hobbled out (sorry honey :P) and then we made our way home. His recovery went smoothly, it just involved a lot of rest. I’m not going to lie by the end of this week I was happy to have a fully recovered husband back because two kids, two cats and a house to look after without spousal help is rough business.

And then I got sick, real sick fast. Monday last week I started feeling like I had a bad stomach flu. Barely slept that night and them woke up with bad pain in one spot on my breast. I just thought I was engorged at first and then after my sister visited I got the chills really bad but then would be overheating. Oh, I had a fever of 102.5, so I consulted Dr. Google. As I had guessed my symptoms pointed towards an infection from a clogged milk duct, or mastitis. I know a couple of online mom friends have had infections in their milk ducts, and I know how it can get serious fast. So, I called primary health care provider and they prescribed me antibiotics right away. She gave me a bunch of tips to reduce pain, including taking a hot shower and just standing there for a bit. That helped a lot but the best part was that James’ parents were able to take Emma for two nights so I could just relax in bed with Charlie. Thank goodness he is still in that sleepy baby stage. James’ parents were my lifesavers, James had to work those two nights so I seriously needed help!

And then we had Ken’s(the kids’ godfather) birthday vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge. It was AWESOME!!! It is definitely the ideal getaway place if you have kids. A hotel with an indoor water park, need I say more?! I thought Emma would be all smiles in the water area, but I think she was just overwhelmed by all of the people and of how loud it was. She kind of was quiet and just went from one obstacle to the next with a blank expression on her face. Once we were out of the water park area it was all chitter chatter and smiles again. Charlie mostly just slept was easygoing the whole trip.

I think as a family we needed this vacation, it was great to break up the routine of day to day life. I’m excited for new adventures on the horizon as weather continues to improve in our misty Pacific Northwest.

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