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Blueberry Amazingness

I have been going a little crazy with my food dehydrator lately.


But you know what I love… dessert. My selection of desserts I can actually eat has dramatically decreased without getting super savvy in the kitchen. So, like any girl with a sweet tooth I decided to get my sweet on. Except, I decided to do it a little healthier. So, I give you my super easy, three ingredient blueberry masterpiece.

Blueberry Amazingness
☆ As many blueberries as your heart desires.
☆ Enough unsalted butter to lightly coat your blueberries.
☆ Pumpkin pie spice seasoning.

I put my blueberries in the dehydrator.


About a pint of bluberries shown here, spaced out nicely.

I then turned the dehydrator on, and let it do its thing for about three hours. I would say they were about halfway done when I pulled off the first tray and put them in my bowl. I then put a bit of unsalted butter on top of the berries. Next I took my remaining berries and placed them on top. Melt butter, melt. Once butter was melted, I sprinkled the top with pumpkin pie seasoning. Mix that with a spoon and you have a deliciously tart and sweet combination. image


*I know I could have heated the blueberries another way, but I liked the convenience of putting them in my dehydrator so I could finish them after the kids were asleep.


So This Happened

I have been eating a mostly Paleo diet for the last couple months. What that breaks down to:
• no grains
• no refined sugars
• no dairy
• basically no junk food

I have mostly followed it and it has been going fantastic… That is until I decided to cheat and have some pizza.


I had my first big experience with asthma in months and then broke out in this lovely, bright red rash. So I immediately consulted Dr. Google, along with my Paleo friend Chelsey. Looks like I’ve got a gluten intolerance, people.

Since I rid my diet of all gluten,  I no longer have a built up tolerance for it. It has been two days and I still have the worst stomach pains. This just reinforces my plans to continue eating Paleo, because now it seems to function I’ll need to kick gluten for good.

I will need to check with Bumblebee’s pediatrician to see if he might have an intolerance as well. He has eczema, and that could be a cause for it. At this point, I’m just happy my reaction wasn’t more severe.

If you have issues with gluten feel free to share any resources or helpful hints in dealing with this aversion.

Fitness Update

So at this point in my journey to living healthier, I have lost 43 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight since the little man has made his appearance. It is awesome, it is a achievement that I never thought I would reach. Mostly it started out with just changing the way I eat. I can’t eat hamburger anymore and fried foods make me sick. Chinese style takeout makes nauseous just at the thought. I’ve taken it too the next level and have started eating Paleo. I would say I eat about 80% Paleo in a given day. I still eat oatmeal, I still have a tablespoon or two of Natural Bliss creamer in my coffee. All the rest I omit because my body just runs better, and more efficient. My allergy induced asthma has been non existent since I started this lifestyle. My peace of mind is better over what I eat; because if I indulge and have delicious piece of cake, chocolate, or any other dessert then I need not worry of this sabotaging my diet. It is the exception not the constant in my diet now. I’m kind of in love with how it has changed my views of the purpose of food… to fuel our bodies to do the best of their abilities.

And speaking of abilities, I started back at the gym on Monday and I’m kind of impressed by my muscles’ memories. It’s been a year since I’ve been on a stationary bike, and I was able to jump back into it. I did six miles in a little under 20 minutes. It is my go to exercise because I can get a good workout in fast. Also started day one of Couch to 5K. The prospect of getting back into running is exciting to me. I’m planning to run a 5K in September with my bestie Chelsey. All the more motivation to stick with it.

And with that I’m out, this mama needs some downtime now that the littles are sleeping.

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