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We Moved

Check out or new stomping grounds here. 



Wordless Wednesday


Babies and boxes. Cats and boxes. Taking time to appreciate the little things in life. Like boxes 🙂

They Never Really Leave You

Dear Uncle C,
It’s your laugh, your completely unique and perfect laugh haunts me. It haunts me in a good way, though. It is a sound I will never hear again, it is a stamp in my memory that can evoke a large range of  emotions. It is something that has kept you with me these two years.

We visited your place on Sunday, it was a beautiful day. Your presence was clearly with us. A neighbor stopped by with his dog and asked us if we were your family, we said yes in reply. He expressed happiness that you still had people remembering and thinking of you. It was a very nice thing to come and talk to us. And it should be known we will always remember and care for you.

In short I still miss you, in short you left this world too soon, in short I love you.

With Love,

Squirrel’s… and Cars in Shoes


We haven’t done this in awhile, so I thought we would do a Snapshot Sunday. I got this new app on my phone to make collages, and so far in really liking it.

You may be wondering about the title of this one,  so I’ll clarify. Ladybug has been really into hot wheels cars. They drive anywhere including in my shoes. And as for the squirrel, she chased one all around the park. She wanted all the squirrel hugs, and all the squirrel wanted was to eat his stale crackers. At least I think they were stale? Why else would anyone dump their crackers at the park? What, are they toddlers or something? Alas, no squirrel hugs for Ladybug, he hoarded his little cracker right up a tree.

Bumblebee has been making strides in becoming mobile. He scooches and lunges, rocks and rolls. Really it is any day now we’ll have a crawler on our hands, a semi-terrifying thought having to make sure everything is baby proofed with two year old in the house. (LOl, babyproofing… more like containing chaos.) He loves eating all foods, so far his favorite has been nectarines. Yum, I agree.

This is Meagan with this weeks Snapshot Sunday, signing out.

Nope, Nope, Nope

Nope, nope, nope. This isn’t happening. There is no way my baby boy is seven months already, there is no way he is finally sleeping in a crib. It is impossible that he is sitting unassisted, and also incredulous that he is reaching mobility.  The boy pushed himself backwards three feet yesterday on his stomach. This is getting real.


We have reached the point of no return, that moment you realize your baby is closer to a year than he isn’t. That moment you realize your youngest is growing faster than you anticipated.  I find all the joy a mother can get from watching her baby grow and learn. I just get a little sad thinking we will never experience this moment again and a sad thought of my baby is just growing too fast. It’s only a minute of sadness and then I’m back to loving every moment.

Moms (and dads) out there, do you get that bittersweet feeling as your kids grow into themselves? How do you handle these moments of happy/sad?

Someone Tell this Boy to Sleep!

Really, Bumblebee needs to not wake up four times before 11pm and then every 2-3hours afterwards. Mama needs a good night of sleep. At least one good night.


It’s been awhile,

It has been hard for me to set aside the time to write here this last month. Bumblebee has been teething, so my normally peaceful son has been irritated by these invasive teeth. Thankfully the teeth have emerged so he isn’t a cranky hot mess anymore and is back to his peaceful self. He still isn’t a perfect sleeper, but I will take a happy during the day baby even if it means he wakes up a lot in the night.

Miss Ladybug is also teething, molars to be precise. They are playing this fun little game where the break the gum line and then recede. Over, and over, and over. It has been our own little version of Toddler Hell in our household, fraught with tantrums and not enough caffeine to balance it out. I honestly wish it was acceptable to have the emotional range of a toddler so I could just go cry in the corner, but I hoist up my big girl panties and all is good. Luckily I was able to get a two day break in, because the in-laws were able to take Ladybug for two nights. It was so nice to just watch crappy tv shows and relax.

During those two nights, James also had the stomach flu so it wasn’t so great for him. It was nice having him home a lot more though because he had to call in to work.

That’s us in a nutshell during the weeks I couldn’t write. This last week has been good though, so I have some nice new posts scheduled over the next couple days. Cheers.

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