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I think we’re finally “getting there”

I’m finally not feeling so stressed all of the time. Parenting is hard work, to put it lightly. And teething with infants can be a beeping, beep, beep, beepity, beeeeeping, beeped, beep… beep. But, I digress.


Nothing quite prepares you for the possible months of broken sleep. Not to mention adjusting from having one to two little humans depending on you. Yeah, Bumblebee is almost 9 months and it is just now getting easier. Or should I say, we have a system now that works for us. I still feel stressed, mostly in the mornings, until I pound my morning coffee.

But, hey. We’re getting there.

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

Adventures in Mommyhood