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Monster Spray Works

If you have visited our Facebook page in the last couple days, you might have noticed that Ladybug had a new found fascination with monsters. When Auntie K. they spend the two hours she’s here chasing monsters around. She had expressed some fear over them, which sucks. No parent wants their kiddo having lingering fears over monsters.

And then I remembered a pin I had saved on Pinterest a few months back. “Monster Spray“, helping parents help kiddos conquer their fears. Heck to the yes, this worked soooo well.


Staring down that monster, preparing to spray him away


We got him, so now let's wipe him away!

I totally took advantage of this opportunity to teach cleaning up after our messes. So it was a win/win situation all around. The monsters are gone, and if they come back we have more spray to get them out. I’ll probably end up decorating the bottle with some foam stickers to distinguish it as our Monster Spray.

What are some creative or silly ways that you help your child(ren) through their fears?

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

Adventures in Mommyhood

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Adventures in Mommyhood

Adventures in Mommyhood