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Tot Tray Showcase: Week 7

This week has been a little hectic. Ladybug has been super grumpy, and then broke out in a small rash. A short trip to the pediatrician’s later, and my little lovebug was diagnosed with a viral infection. Yuck. To top it off,  Bumblebee started cutting his fifth tooth. Heavy sigh. Not a lot of sleep in this house this week.

So posting got the back burner a bit while I snuggled my cranky babies. It happens. So without further delay, here are our tot trays for this week:



1. This water transferring activity has a spin on it. We used a salt shaker with the lid on to add a fun pouring element.

2. A matching tray using a household objects printout page. I chose this one because Ladybug is big into matching, plus the vocabulary building factor.

3. A “beading” tray, using wooden keys the object is to string them along the pipe cleaner.

I got the household objects printout from the Letter K Tot School Printables download. We use printouts from that site each week for working with letters.

This week we are working with the letter K. I will put a post up detailing how our week with the letter K went, later in the week.

What are your go to activities for when your kiddo is sick? 

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