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I Threw Together a Little Something For Bumblebee

I was inspired by Jayne at The Naptown Organizer to introduce discovery bottles into playtime with Bumblebee. She has also been doing tot school with her Little Man (Ladybug’s age) and recently started baby school with her Little Lady (Bumblebee’s age.) She is an inspiring lady that I met, online, on a parenting forum. You should definitely check out her blog if you are looking for some tips and tricks for around the house and in life in general.


What is a “discovery bottle?” Basically, it is a water bottle, or sealed container, used to discover elements in a contained zone. The great part about discovery bottles is that they are safe for baby hands. For our discovery bottle we used a water bottle with masking tape around the lid. Jayne recommended this,  just in case those little hands were able to twist the top.

For now I think I will try to theme the discovery bottles with what we are doing in tot school with Ladybug. For example; we are working water beads this week, so into the discover bottle went some of the water beads.

It has been a hit so far today, and both kiddos have enjoyed this bottle. I will probably end up featuring our weekly discovery bottle with our weekly tot tray showcase post.

Have you used discovery bottles with your little ones? What was a favorite element you added to a bottle?

Edit: Bumblebee was able to chew off a piece of the masking tape, and I had to do a finger swoop. I will be using either duct tape or gluing the lids from now on.